Cloning Email Share

Clone email shares for quick and easy replication of your well-crafted email surveys.

After creating an email share with detailed customizations, starting a similar one from scratch would be tiring. That’s where cloning the email share comes in handy. With the “clone” option in place, you can copy and edit the email share on top of it. Let’s see how you can craft an email share once and use it for repeated requirements while adhering to your design standards.

For instance, let’s say you have created an email share, “Email Share 1” like the one below.

Now, let’s get into the cloning process!


1. Click on the three dots beside an email share and choose the “Clone” option.

A cloned version of the email share will be created with the following details retained

  • Send from
  • Subject
  • Reply to
  • Customize appearance
  • Embed question
  • Add Custom Footer

2. Fill the “Send to” field with the intended audience to send the survey.

3. Make necessary changes on top of the existing customizations if required.

4. After finalizing the customizations, click the “NEXT > SCHEDULE” button. 

5. Set the Frequency, Send later, and Reminder configurations.

6. Click the “NEXT > SAVE” button to complete creating the email share.


You can see the newly cloned email share under the “All Shares” section. 


  • Save time spent in creating similar email shares.
  • Email customizations are thoroughly replicated with ease.


  • Currently, the following details will NOT be cloned and require you to add them.
    • Send to
    • Frequency
    • Send later
    • Reminder
  • The cloning email share option is available for Classic, Chat, and NPS surveys.

Please let us know if you face any difficulties. We are just a chat away!