Classic and Chat Survey Workflows

Configure survey responses based on the predefined filter conditions.


This feature is available in the following plans: 

  • Business
  • Enterprise
  • Elite

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Classic and Chat Survey Workflow lets you configure survey responses based on the predefined filter conditions.

Let’s see how it works.

  1. Once you’ve completed adding questions in your Classic or Chat Survey, click on the Integrate tab, and select Workflows.


2. Add a new workflow by clicking on + New Workflow button at the top right corner in the Integrate tab.



3. Name and describe the Workflow for future references.



4. Now click on Add filter group & select the conditions from the drop-down list on which the workflow has to be initiated.



NOTE: If you want the workflow to be triggered at all times , you can leave the "Add Filter Group" without adding any filters.

5. Under Action, select Email and add the receiver’s email address. You can wire the email to be sent to your respondent by adding the contact variable.

Proceed to add the subject line, From email address & the email body. Click on the dollar sign ($) to add variables & further personalize the message.



Note: You can collect and send data from your survey to the external URL via Webhook based on the filter conditions.

6. There is a Reply-To action available if in case you want the reply emails to be forwarded to a specific mail id.



7. You can also choose the delay for the email to be sent once these conditions are met.

8. Once you’re done, click Create.


Woah! You've successfully created a Workflow.

Reach us out anytime if you have questions. We are happy to assist you :)

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