Audit Logs

Keep track of all relevant actions performed by the users of your SurveySparrow account.

Audit logs keep track of all relevant actions performed by the users of your SurveySparrow account. Any changes or update in a survey, be it deleting a survey question, editing a particular choice of a question, or creating a new email share, is recorded and trackable in Audit Logs.

We will dive deeper into all the survey actions that Audit Logs can record. 



Account Level

Create survey

Delete survey

Add user

Delete user

Create a new folder

Delete a folder

Survey Level

Create share

Update share

Delete share

Edit survey

Create or delete a custom property

Change theme

Add or delete Section 

Add or delete question

Add, edit or delete choice

Connect or disconnect an integration

Add or delete webhook

Add or delete workflow

Edit survey settings

Create variable

Delete variable

Create expressions

Delete expressions


Create new contact

Update contact

Delete contact

Add a new contact property

Delete a contact property


Where to access Audit Logs? 

1. Log in to your SurveySparrow account and click on the Settings icon at the top.


2. Under Security, select Audit Logs.


That's it! Now, you can track all the relevant records of actions related to surveys, accounts, and user management settings in chronological order. You can find the date and time of action along with the username (actor) and the activity in detail.


To export the Audit logs to your mailbox, you can click on the “Email CSV” button.


Advantages of Audit Logs

  • With Audit logs, you can monitor the actions and keep track of potential security breaches or any internal misuse of information. 
  • Audit logs help you identify and prevent fraudulent attacks.
  • With critical and secured surveys in place, you can get an eagle-eye view of the action, Time, Event, Object, Operation, Device, and IP Address, tracked in Audit logs.
  • You can use the date filter to segment the logs performed during that particular time.
  • You can get the logs emailed to your registered SurveySparrow email id as a CSV file



  • Audit Logs are a part of our custom pricing plans and will be enabled based on your request. If you want Audit Logs to be enabled for your SurveySparrow account, please reach out to our support team via chat or email (
  • Account Owner, Admin, and Reputation Admin will have access to Audit logs
  • Audit Logs track only the actions performed in the Survey Builder, Survey Settings, Integrations, Workflows, Webhooks, Sharing options, and User Management settings.
  • Survey Submissions, Responses, and Results are not tracked. 


Please reach out if you have any questions. We are more than happy to help you.