Contacts Management

A simple guide to manage your contacts.

In your SurveySparrow account, you can add and manage your contacts according to their job title, email, phone number, and more. You can create and import your custom contacts list from your account and easily share your surveys with them.

To use the audience management feature, please follow the below-mentioned steps;

1. Click Contacts present on your SurveySparrow home page.


2. To build your custom list of contacts, click on the Create New List icon.


3. Click on Add Filter Group to create a custom contact list based on different contact information like job title, email, language, and more.


4. Once you add the filters, give a suitable name to the smart contact list and click the Save List button.

Voila! The contacts that match your set filters will be available in the newly created smart contact list.



  • Easy way to organize your contacts
  • Export custom contact lists in CSV & XLSX format



1. Is there any restriction on the number of custom contact lists that can be created?

You can create any number of smart contact lists. There is no restriction on that.


2. How to add a new contact to the custom contact list?

When you add a contact manually or via import, it will be automatically pushed to the custom contact list if it meets the set conditions of the list.