Advanced Reports Filters & Hidden Questions

Apply advanced filters to get refined survey data instantly


Data collection process can be deemed successful when you can collect crucial insights from it and gain broad perspectives. With advanced reporting filters, you can skip scanning through multiple checks and view the data you wish to analyze instantly. For example, if you want to know how many of your customers have given a product quality rating less than 3, employing filters brings the data at your fingertips.
Once you apply a set of filters and wish to save this, all you need to do is click on the Save Changes button and provide a name for it. You can view it anytime you wish under the Filter & Compare button.  



The following are the filters which you can make use of to slice & dice your data:

  • Question & Answer: The filter helps you to sort responses based on the answers given by respondents to various questions. 

  • Share Method: View your reports based on the channel-like email, web links, social media, and embed share, through which the responses have been submitted. 

  • Survey Completeness: Filter your responses based on the completeness of your survey- partially or fully. 

  • Time Period: This filter helps you to view responses submitted in a time period. Enter the start & end date to see the responses entered within that time frame.

  • Respondent Details: Based on the survey taker's name or email address, you can sort responses using this filter.

In addition, you can name the filters for ease of handling. 



In case you wish not to display specific question(s), you can make use of the Hidden Questions feature that hides questions from the report section.
You can always unhide the questions & display the data by clicking on the question (you want to unhide) listed under the hidden questions section.



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