What is Admin Dashboard?

Custom reports that make analysis simpler & easier

Admin dashboard in 360 assessments lets you gather meaningful data about every team in your organization, in one place. You can create an exclusive dashboard that can assess detailed performance reports, uncover hidden strengths and weaknesses, and identify the team’s potential competency. 


  • Help you measure and analyze employee competency at team, department, or country levels. Quickly identify score frequencies & limits.
  • Generate and share customized reports to ensure constructive feedback collection & evaluation. 
  • Provides a complete visual representation of employee competencies to help guide admins on the right track.

Let’s see how it works.

  1. Once you have the results ready in your 360 assessments, navigate to the Results section to view the Admin dashboard.
  2. Under the overview tab, you get a clear picture of the total number of subjects and the number of evaluations completed/pending.

AD 1

3. The dashboard includes custom reports that provide a visual representation of employee competencies at various levels in the form of a Bell Curve or Stacked Chart as shown in the screenshot below. 

AD 2

4. To add a new widget, click on the ‘Add Widget’ button on the top right.

AD 4 


5. You can either choose a Bell Curve or a Stacked Chart depending on your analysis requirement. Add a title to each widget, choose the required section, and set the appropriate filters.

Bell Curve

Bell curve lets you analyse the average score of various teams in your organisation for each competency. As a manager, you can have an overall view of your teams' progress, identify your team's top performers and their potential competency, constantly assess training needs, and build a thriving workforce that wins.  

You can read more about Bell Curve here.  

Stacked Chart

Stacked chart lets you analyse department-wise average scores based on competencies. You can further analyse the average based on contact properties which includes location, region, Manager name, Customer type, Customer division and more. 

AD 3


And you’re done!

Reach out to us anytime if you have questions. We are more than happy to help you :).